Flex Holder

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The fully adjustable Flex Holder fits all digital tablets and ereaders to allow you to use one stand to fit all your needs. Compact, so it will not take up room in your purse or bag, you can have the Flex Holder on hand to support you on the go. If you are handwriting notes in a meeting or lecture or just relaxing by the pool reading the next bestseller the Flex Holder will adapt to your needs. The lightweight durable construction and simple adjustment means it can become your next most used accessory.


  • Casual Users
  • Cooking - The slim design of the Flex Holder keeps your device or cookbook clean and off the counter.
  • Bedside Stand-  Convenient Holder for your device so you can use it as an alarm clock while you sleep at night.
  • Students - Can use the Flex Holder during your lectures to record classes, take notes, or look up references as you go.
  • Watching Movies - the Flex Holder is a convenient and comfortable solution to those that use their device to watch movies.
  • The Writer-  The Flex Holder can be the solution to replacing your laptop or desktop computer by using the Flex Holder and pairing it with a bluetooth keyboard you can unleash your digital device’s full potential
  • Musicians-  The Flex Holder is a great way to quickly have a stand to display your sheet music as you play.
  • Reading - hands free table reading for the book lover in all of us. Whether you are at home or at the poolside you can use the Flex Holder to hold your e-reader so you can be comfortable while you read the next bestseller.
  • Library - Use the Flex Holder in your Library so that you can have your device available while you research that paper or just need a quiet place to get away.
  • Presentations - Do you have a presentation that you have to give? You can use the Flex Holder to hold your device at any angle so that you can sit or stand and still have access to the information you need.
  • Face-time/Skype- Now that we can use wireless communications to hold meetings or visit with family using Skype and Facetime you can use the Flex Holder to sit comfortably anywhere and talk.
  • Senior Citizens - As technology changes and more people are understanding the many uses those that have a hard time holding a device can use the Flex Holder to get the most out of their device without the strain of holding it for hours.
  • Retail Stores - With the creation of point of sale technology using digital wireless devices the Flex Holder can be an integral part to the retail experience. Allowing you easy access to process credit transactions and the patron to quickly