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WordPress Maintenance Plan

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  • SOFTWARE UPDATES - Just like apps on your phone, your website software needs regular updating. The leading cause of hacked sites is out of date software.
  • WEBSITE BACKUPS - Maybe you got creative and decided you could change some elements on your site or maybe a hacker wiped you clean. Guess what we have daily backups of your site.
  • SECURITY SCANNING - Daily security scans keep us updated to any threats and if you do get hacked we'll know all the sooner
  • SUPPORT HOURS - If you host with us you already have 24 tech service. If your site does get hacked anyone with a plan gets pushed ahead. We know longer do asap support for clients who don't have a plan those people pay 3x the going rate.
  • WEBSITE ANALYTICS - Stay informed on the status of your website with our monthly reporting system.
  • One Hour Support Time Yearly (Additional Support billed at $100.00 an hour)

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: We will invoice you via email after this first payment. If payment is not made by the due date the plan will expire.